VISION: Engage the whole community in preparing children to succeed in school and in life.

MISSION: The Elgin Partnership for Early Learning collaborates with partners to ensure that children are supported in becoming ready for kindergarten.

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In 2011, community partners committed to take action. Elgin Partnership for Early Learning (EPEL) is working to intensify the impact of local efforts that prepare children for kindergarten by integrating the partners’ expertise and resources and by creating a unified community plan. 

Giving up our individual agendas, EPEL members have adopted an approach called collective impact, which leverages the commitment of its partners to contribute to successful and sustainable outcomes. The principles of collective impact ensure that partners will do these things:

  • Find a simple way to share the main ideas
  • Agree about how to measure outcomes
  • Choose activities that promote our cause
  • Communicate with each other often
  • Provide the support EPEL needs

EPEL operates at the center of three systems crucial to enhanced outcomes for children and families: early learning and development; family support; and health. When these three systems converge in a collaborative fashion the outcome is thriving children and families. 

Long Term Goals:

  • Increase points of entry and engagement in programs for families with young children.
  • Increase the quality of services delivered to families.
  • Increase utilization of child, family and community data and action in response to this data.
  • Increase collaboration and systems building work that addresses families of young children and the services targeted to them. 


The work of EPEL, from initial creation in 2011 to planning and building the collaboration, is guided by an Executive Committee. Representatives from the following organizations serve on the Executive Committee:

A subcommittee structure maximizes participation in the collaboration work of EPEL. The areas for work of the subcommittees are outlined below. These subcommittees will be used to implement the strategies and work of the goals and purpose of EPEL. The subcommittees reflect the full range of early childhood care and education providers, community based organizations, government, and the broad array of community stakeholders. 

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For more information about EPEL please contact Casey Amayun, Collaboration Director, at 847-452-2457 or If you are interested in joining a subcommittee, visit the Volunteer Opportunities page.


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